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Company was founded in 1995, when Andrejs Ozarskis, the therapeutist of Valmiera Veterinary Commission, decided to begin taking veterinary care of small pets in Valmiera. He had gained international experience on exchange tours and for hime it was the time to open a pet store. Many profession colleges of Andregs thought this was a utopia, a mad idea, nobody believed that anyone would want to buy sand for kitty or hay for guinea-pig.

Andrejs believed his ideas and in the dawn of 1995 opened the first veterinary goods and pharmacy store in Vidzeme (Valmiera, Stacija street 22). Two young veterinarians begun their professional careers there - Inara Ozolina-Ozola and Ginta Kantane. Inara is still working in the company and is one of the best specialist in exotic pet and decorative bird treatment. Various Vidzeme region veterinarians have gained their professional experience in Caps and later established good career in the field. You can find out more on current employees under Team.

The beginning of pet store was difficult because it was necessary to educate clients of the expedience of goods, the right use of tools and how to take better care of pets. Store gained popularity and later a small veterinary goods kiosk was opened in Valmiera, Terbata street. Now Caps is located in Valmiera, K.Baumana street 9. Company provides veterinary ambulance, petstore and pharmacy services.